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Welcome to the site of the Waterloo Committee

The Waterloo Committee is a charitable association created in 1973 to preserve and protect the site of the battle of Waterloo at a moment in time when Belgian authorities were considering building the Brussels ring road through the site. The second purpose of the Waterloo Committee is to promote a better understanding of the events of the 1815 campaign, particularly the battle of Waterloo and the overall historic importance of the battle. Still today the Waterloo Committee supports the current initiatives to maintain or restore the memorials located on the battlefield.

Our wish, and that of the directors of the Waterloo Committee is that this website should serve to encourage both students and experts of the Napoleonic Wars and of the French Revolution, and indeed anybody that has an interest in this remarkable period of European history, in a non sectarian spirit.

Our association offers quite a wide range of activities, notably lectures, exhibitions, visits and guided tours of the battle field. We have been involved, in association with other organisations, in the preparations for the 200th anniversary of the battle of Waterloo in 2015.

We hope you will agree with me that the Waterloo Committee has an important role to play and that, if you are not already a member, this website will persuade you to join us. As for those who are already members, I am confident that this site will help you to get additional benefit from your membership.


His Grace the Duke of Wellington

Honorary President
of the Waterloo Committee


Honorary Ambassador
Guy Trouveroy


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The official guide of the Waterloo Committee, a reference to better understand the battle and what was at stake, to know all about the protagonists, cross the battle field and discover the monuments and the iconic sites.