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The Congress of Vienna and Germany 1814/1815, challenges & solutions.

Michael Epkenhans

Tuesday 18 October 2022 at 20:00

The wars against revolutionary as well as against Napoleonic France had a deep impact upon Germany. They did not only change the political landscape, but also the political structure of what once had been the largest Empire on the European continent. Beginning in 1795, Germany had lost territory in the wars against France. Moreover, eventually the Holy Roman Empire had vanished in 1806 when Emperor Francis II had laid down the Imperial crown and thus dissolved the Empire following pressure by Napoleon after the latter’s victories over Austria, Russia, and eventually Prussia in 1805-1807.

In 1813, however, after Napoleon’s crushing defeat in Russia the tides had begun to turn. Beginning with the Battle of Leipzig the Allies had started to push back Napoleon and defeat him on the battlefield.

In September 1814 the monarchs and statesmen of the European and German states convened in Vienna to finally end the wars and both to restore the Concert of Europe and to establish a German Confederation.

The conference will be presented by Prof. Dr. Michael Epkenhans, professor of Modern History at the University of Hamburg. From 2009-2021 he was Director of Research at the Centre of Military History and Social Sciences of the German Armed forces at Potsdam. He has published on German Military and Naval History.

Please reserve your seat/seats without delay by sending a message to Roland Dierckx (, +32 492 27 45 34), secretary of our committee, making sure to indicate your first and last name and the number of seats required.

Looking forward to welcoming you in great numbers, we send you our best regards.

  • Entry for non-members is 10€ , to be paid at the entrance
  • Free entry for the « Amis du Musée Wellington »

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